Thursday, November 12, 2015

Observation Seven

November 12, 2015

 -The water at the bottom of the bottle is not as clear.
-Our white rope continues to rote
-Last week we only saw one snail, but this week we see three. They must have dug their way into the rocks last week. I am not 100% sure if they are alive or dead.
-Elodea continues to grow. It is currently wrapped around the entire bottle.
-Water level is still the same
-Condensation continues to form around the top and bottom of the bottle

Our three snails

Did not see very much growth in our plants. 

Our smallest plant grew about half and inch

Our elodea continues to grow. As you can see it wraps around the entire bottle on the bottom.

Our string continues to form black stuff. We are still unsure what it is.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Observation Six

We are happy to see that our sprouts have grown!! Our sprouts grew from 3 cm to 7 cm and 2.5 cm to 6 cm. We had 4 new sprouts that measure 9 cm, 11 cm, 6 cm, and 9 cm. There is more condensation in the top half than we've had before, and it remains the same in the bottom half. We see one snail, but cannot locate the others. The black stuff on the string has spread even further down, and the white growth has grown. There are some subtle spots forming on the bottom half in the water, but we aren't sure what they are. We can't see as many daphnia swimming around as we have seen in the last few weeks.