Thursday, October 29, 2015

Fifth Observation

WE HAVE SPROUTS! There are four small 1 inch sprouts. There is condensation on the top and the bottom. The soil looks much more moist from last week. The water level is at 15 cm. The elodia plant has rooted itself back into the gravel, and has grow 2 centimeters. The branch that grew a few weeks ago is much longer, and there is another sprout on the other side of the plant. There are many more daphnia swimming around. We cannot see our snails, but we hypothesize that they have dug into the rocks due to the cold weather. There is one small baby snail attached to the side of the bottle. The string in the water is blackened in a few spots, and there a white mold like substance at the top of the string.
 Our new branch of Elodea
Our daphnia
Our baby snail 

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